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DocSend Software Detailed Review 2021

Among all document exchange software offerings, DocSend is a shining example of its simplicity, and integration capabilities, and its tactics work because the program is a favorite of many companies around the world. Its operating principle is to fit perfectly into your existing structure and unobtrusively provide its services. Share documents easily and easily, with cloud storage you no longer need to keep your PC desktop so cluttered. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at DocSend’s features.

Who is DocSend for?

DocSend is a program that allows sales companies to keep track of their sales and usage data. It makes the process of sending documents to potential customers or other salespersons much easier. You can tell when documents were delivered, when they were opened, how long they were read, and if they were sent elsewhere.

DocSend also lets you send presentations, and keep track of marketing documents. The program has advanced synchronization features, so if you use a third-party application to organize workflow in your company, such as Trello, DocSend can help simplify the organization process, because it has easy-to-understand integration features.

DocSend Core Features

DocSend is an expert in its field, with which the document management process becomes twice as clear and fast. The program simplifies the process of document management, having enough useful features, which we will talk about below:

  • Electronic Signature

Sharing documents is not just sharing or editing them, sometimes companies need some kind of confirmation or signature. The electronic signature capability allows parties to sign a document without involving a third-party application. This process is greatly simplified because now instead of three steps ( signing, scanning, and re-sending) you can do everything in a couple of seconds.

  • Audit Log and Monitoring

DocSend allows users to keep track of everything that happens to a document. So you can see who viewed it, and what interactions with it were performed. You can also create links through which you can see if someone opened the document.

  • Customize permissions

At your discretion you can set certain permissions on the document, depending on its privacy and role. For example, you can set document visibility periods or ask for email introductions before seeing the document.

  • Edit permanently

You can edit a document even if you’ve already sent it to a user, all changes are automatically synchronized.

  • Extensive integration options

If you use a chrome browser or gmail, DocSend can serve as an extension to those platforms, giving you full access to the features, so you no longer have to constantly open your browser tab.

You can share data via email while retaining all the same features as if you were using the DocSend space.

  • One-click non-disclosure agreement

When you exchange confidential information, it requires you to sign a nondisclosure agreement. The program greatly simplifies the process of this agreement by allowing you to decide everything in one click.

DocSend is easy to use

DocSend is a program for everyday use and it is oriented to the ordinary user, so you will not have any difficulty learning the program. The interface of the program is intuitive and clear, all functions are located enough so that no confusion should not arise.

To adjust the program you will not have much time, and the fact that DocSend is perfectly compatible with external applications simplifies everything doubly.